FUT Hair Transplant  in Flintshire

FUT Hair Transplant in Flintshire

Looking to have an FUT Hair Transplant? We can offer great prices for high quality transplants. Get in touch for more information.

Follicular Unit Transplant in Flintshire

Follicular Unit Transplant in Flintshire

We offer Follicular Unit Transplant across the UK to bring back confidence to men and women. For more details please contact our team today.

Best Hair Transplant FUT  in Flintshire

Best Hair Transplant FUT in Flintshire

We provide the Best Hair Transplant FUT. If you would like information on costs and more, please complete our contact form today.

FUT Hair Transplant in Flintshire

Thinking about an FUT hair transplant in Flintshire LL12 9 and wondering what is involved?

FUT transplants are a great way to deal with hair loss and they are available across the UK by professionals.

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Many people struggle with hair loss year after year.  While hair loss can be completely natural, this does not stop it from affecting our self-esteem, and our ability to go out in public with our heads held high. 

However, help is always at hand.  For millions of people all over the world, an FUT hair transplant will ensure that you regrow a wonderful head of hair that you can be proud of.  There is perhaps no better way to regain your youth!

We make sure to cater to adult patients of all ages.  Hair loss can affect anyone at any time, and we believe it is important that you know who to turn to for friendly, sensitive advice. 

Our qualified team have years of extensive training and experience in FUT hair transplants.  It is a completely safe procedure which will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed for years to come. 

Follicular Unit Transplant

FUT stands for Follicular Hair Transplant, and it is one of the most popular methods of replanting and regrowing hair available in the UK. 

Of course, it is also a popular method to treat hair loss elsewhere in the world, though British patients can experience this incredible procedure through an affordable and flexible tariff.

This method is not to be confused with FUT services (https://www.hairlosstransplant.co.uk/fue/flintshire/).

We want to make sure that you are completely at ease when you consult with us.  We will make sure to explore all available options for hair transplant in Flintshire LL12 9 with you, and will consider your reasons for taking on a transplant in the first place. 

While our visitors seek transplants largely for cosmetic purposes, we want to make sure that you understand what is going to happen during the procedure, and what happens after the event.

We are proud to supply aftercare and support, too, so that once you leave our clinic, you can be sure of help and guidance if you require it. 

It can take time for your hair transplant to take effect, however, the results are certain to be wonderful.  There is no better way to take back control of your lost hair!

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

An FUT Hair transplant uses hair from the back of the scalp and ensures that they transplant into problem areas of your scalp.  As patients and expert reviews alike will tell you, FUT is a safe and completely private procedure. 

For thinning and shedding or hair, an FUT hair transplant presents a superb opportunity.  While many people lose hair as they grow older, it is not something which you have to contend with. 

Once you give time for the surgery to heal, you will be able to enjoy a new, fresh head of hair.  It really is like turning back the clock.


The technique involved in FUT sees donor hair (from the back or sides) transplanted into your scalp. 

This is undertaken through local anaesthetic and is a procedure whereby a specialist will take great care to graft follicle strips.  These strips can contain up to three hairs, and as such, the procedure is extremely precise. 

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We take our time to ensure that the grafts you receive match your existing hair for that perfect, natural blend.

The FUT technique allows our specialists and trained surgeons in Flintshire LL12 9 to help thicken and embellish lost or thinning hair from your scalp. 

We use stereo microscope technology to ensure precision.  We want to make sure that your transplant is safe, which means we will take as much time as necessary to ensure your surgery is a complete success.

Do not worry about FUT surgery.  Our trained surgeons have years of specialist experience in hair and follicle grafts. 

We will always make sure to discuss the procedure with you in clear and open detail before we get started.  Therefore, you will always be fully aware of what to expect once the procedure begins.

If you have any concerns regarding FUT, make sure to call our team for a free consultation.  There is no obligation to follow through on treatment unless you are 100% happy with the information you receive. 

Beyond this, you can always speak to our team before your visit for more advice. Simply fill in our contact form for more information.


So, to simplify things, we have created a quick step-by-step guide on the process of the procedure:

  1. Trim hair from the donor area (this is from the back or side of the scalp)
  2. After trimming this hair, a local anaesthetic is given to the area
  3. Then a thin strip of hair is taken from the donor area - this area is then sutured
  4. Hair is combed over the sutured donor area (the sutures will be removed approximately 10 days after the surgery)
  5. The donor strip is placed under numerous microscopes - during this process the follicular units are dissected into grafts
  6. After this procedure, the grafts are stored and refrigerated whilst waiting for placement
  7. A local anaesthetic is given to the patient and the balding area is prepared involving tiny incisions
  8. The Follicular Unit Grafts are then inserted into the scalp carefully

After the process the incisions, or recipient sites, can be seen in short hair. However these will heal naturally in around a weeks time.  

FUT Hair Transplant Cost

FUT hair transplant costs can vary depending on your needs and your medical profile.  Make sure to take a look at our costs page (https://www.hairlosstransplant.co.uk/cost/flintshire/) for full details on what to expect to pay for your treatment. 

We provide a wide range of services and specialities, and you will be able to budget accordingly from our helpful catalogue. 

If you would like to know more about the price of an FUT hair transplant, make sure to speak to our team directly.

Best Hair Transplant FUT in Flintshire

Many people will be keen to find the best hair transplant FUT services have to offer.  We naturally understand that our visitors will look for safe, private procedures. 

What’s more, we want our services and treatments to remain competitive to fit a wide range of budgets.  Make sure to take a look at our list of services and to arrange for a consultation to discuss further details.

"I am so pleased with by FUT transplant! I really cannot thank you guys enough. I would definitely recommend https://www.hairlosstransplant.co.uk/flintshire/ to anyone who is suffering with hair loss!"

Aftercare for FUT procedures can be extensive depending on your own needs and profile.  However, we will always endeavour to line up a series of treatments which will help you to heal from your surgery. 

In no time, you will have a full head of wonderful, natural hair for you to groom and style as you please.  Let us help you find a great look which blends in wonderfully to your unique profile.

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An FUT hair transplant in Flintshire LL12 9 is available now from your local clinic.  We are a team of experienced, fully qualified surgeons and clinicians, passionate about helping people regain hair through pattern loss or otherwise. 

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We will get back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can. 

Trust a leading name in hair transplant and follicle grafting in your local area, with a competitive tariff and list of services.

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